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The Festmaster heads the Oktoberfest Royal Family and is chosen annually by the Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees, consisting of the present and all past Festmasters, elects a chairman from its members.  The Board of Trustees Chairman, along with the past year's Festmaster, mentors the new Festmaster, bringing him up to speed on his duties, expectations, and appearances.

The selection of the Festmaster is one of the oldest and most cherished Fest traditions.  The selection process and naming of the new Festmaster is very secret and the mystery only adds to the fun!

The Festmaster's Ball is where our new Festmaster for the year is announced and is held every year on the opening Friday of Fest.

Congratulations to our 2013-14 Festmaster, David Ring and Frau Denise!

2013-14 Festmaster David Ring is the coordinator of community relations for Kwik Trip. His frau, Denise, teaches math at Aquinas Catholic Schools.He holds undergraduate degrees in economics and finance, as well as an MBA, from UW-La Crosse.

Here, the Festmaster and Frau are introduced to area news media and the rest of the Royal Family. They are accompanyed by Grenadier Generals Robyn and Dan Johnson.


The Festmaster and Frau are introduced at the Festmaster Ball on Friday, September 27 at the La Crosse Center. More than 900 attended the ball.

How does one learn to become a Festmaster? From past Festmasters, of course.

Dave Ring is pictured with his Festmaster mentors Jerry Kember (left) and Peter Krause (right).



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