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Nominations for 2014 Parade Marshals now accepted through May 1, 2014.

The Parade Marshals are looking for someone who is dedicated to the Coulee Region, who is an active member in our community, and who will promote Oktoberfest and La Crosse in a respectable fashion is the best fit!  Visit the Nominate a Parade Marshal page and print off a nomination form to submit today!


Congratulations to the 2013 Oktoberfest Parade Marshals

2013 Torchlight Parade Marshal Patti Lokken and husband Jeff


2013 Maple Leaf Parade Marshall Jean Thompson and husband Tom




Year                           Maple Leaf Parade Marshal Torchlight Parade Marshal
1961 Esther Domke*  
1962 Joan Engh  
1963 Jack Martin*  
1964 Frank Italiano*  
1965 Marge Lienlokken*  
1966 Jim Conway  
1967 Babe Weigent*  
1968 Paul Kreutz*  
1969 Kootch Carroll*  
1970 Palmer Hanson*  
1971 Ed Quillin* Vern Bloss*
1972 Fred Abraham* Margaret Niles*
1973 Alma Burns Zahn* Ray Nibbe*
1974 Charlie Kearns* Burton Smith*
1975 Fred Kramer* Roscoe Short
1976 Jean Gitz Bassett Deak Swanson
1977 Paul "Pip" Wuest* Bob Allen*
1978 Dale Rudy Wes Denny
1979 Gordon Feinberg* Lynden Gjerde*
1980 L. Peter Groves Bob McCann*
1981 John Alexander* Dave Skogen
1982 David Nudd* Howie Birnbaum*
1983 Phil Quillin Frank Butkovich*
1984 Russ Cleary* Terry Erickson
1985 Raymond Bice* V.A. Krajewski*
1986 Jim Jacobson* Robert Gavin*
1987 Bob Soules* Gerald Besel
1988 Noel Richards Jack Kraft*
1989 John Flanagan* Mark Doolittle
1990 Lyle Anderson* Dick Morkwed*
1991 Bob Wilhelm Elwood Harebo
1992 Edgar Kroner Joe Addis*
1993 Dick Hackett Mary Patros*
1994 Bob Marck* Ken Graves
1995 Bill Hoel Randy Eddy, Sr.
1996 Terry Peterslie Donna Berry
1997 Pat Moore Dave Berger
1998 Al Townsend Dick Merfeld
1999 Dolly Ozburn Mike Abraham
2000 Elmer Grassman Bud Loomis & Dave Loomis
2001 Roger Harring Ken Wing
2002 Mike Kearns Terry LaFleur
2003 Marty Severson Merl Strong
2004 Max Kottmer* Joe Maier
2005 Tom Pahs Arland Peterson
2006 John Stokes Scott Erickson
2007 Dave Clements Steven Hole
2008 George Smith Paul Stuhr
2009 Tom Thibodeau Jerry Thompson
2010 Ardie Schock* Bill Bush
2011 Jim McGettigan Paul Borsheim
2012 Ed Biddick Jane Molstad
2013 Jean Thompson Patti Lokken

 * Fondly remembered




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