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2017 Clues and Keys are available below.

The 2017 Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt

One clue will be posted on this page (scroll down) each day at approximately 6 a.m.

The 2017 Oktoberfest Medallion:

  • is always located within the La Crosse city limits
  • is never buried in the ground
  • is always on publicly-accessible property
  • is accessible 24 hours, BUT posted hours should be observed
  • fits in the palm of a hand
  • may be camouflaged

Please be respectful of public and private property and your fellow medallion hunters.

Prizes awaiting the person finding the medallion this year are gift certificates, Oktoberfest merchandise, a cash prize and a miniature replica of the medallion, compliments of Satori Arts.

To claim the prize package, the medallion finder must be wearing a 2017 Oktoberfest USA button at the time they present the medallion at the Oktoberfest office. The back side of the medallion includes a contact name and number to report that it has been found.

Clues and their meanings (PDF files):
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