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Oktoberfest wishes to acknowledge and thank the groups, businesses and individuals listed below for their support of our festival and family activities. View the Klub information page for our array of Klub levels and their benefits.

Individuals and couples listed below are Klub Members for our 2017 festival as of July 13, 2017.


2017 Wunderbar Klub Members
Michael and Florence Aliesch
Dan and Lynn Gundlach
Margaret and Craig Hanson
Brian and Kim Jackson
Peter and Krin Krause
Bill and Jan Larkin
Jeff and Patti Lokken
Sandy and Dick McCormick
Dave and Denise Ring
Jim and Rita Sanchez
Tom and Judy Sleik
George and Marita Smith
Steve and Katie Webster
Mike and Sue Weidemann
2017 Edelweiss Klub Members
Karen Alberts and Walter Ormes
Terry Bauer
Kevin and Madalene Buelow
Roger and Kenna Christians
Doug and Peggy Herlitzka
Scott and Sue Horne
Sharon Imes
Kenneth Konarski
Barb and Joe Kruse
Bill and Kay Leonard
Alex and Becky Lueck
Rosie Nelson
Todd and Deb Ondell
Brad and Gail Quarberg
Robertand Ann Reynolds
Chuck and LuAnn Roth
Marc and Sue Schultz
Karla and John Stanek
Pete and Sally Stinson
Carol Taebel
Chris and Beth Weiss
Mike and Joan Weissenberger
Jeff and Amy Wrobel
2017 Danke! Klub Members
Julie and Terry Bartels
Terry and Karolyn Collins
Earlamae and Jim Dahlby
Rachel Ferrara
Mark and Vicki Gilbertson
Gottlieb's Guzzlers
Jerry and Nannette Kember
Charles and Rosemarie Link
Dave and Joanne Litzow
Eric Loewenhagen
Duane and Jan Moore
Bob and Mary Ann Mullally
Ed and Eileen Przytarski
John and Beth Satory
Peter Schneider
Paul and Jane Steingraeber
Brad and Lynn Sturm
Tom and Marilyn Tiggelaar
Ken and Pat Wing
2017 Ein Prosit! Klub Members
Al and Anne Becker
Ed and Jean Biddick
Douglas Billings
Dave and Teresa Brown
Courtney and Ryan Burke
Ryan and Teresa Clark
Sandra Cleary
Angie and Paul Coenen
Mark and Judie Doolittle
Justing and Katie Drury
Ellen and Jim Heinecke
Steve and Mary Hole
Barbara Larsen
Jay and Rita Loeffler
Jeff and Sue Miller
Erik O'Brien
Tom Pahs
Steve and Marian Pavela
Robert and Silvana Richardson
Dominic and Kam-Lin Rosewall
Vince and Amy Stodola
Wally and Betty Stohl
Dave and Kathy Vehrenkamp
Bernadine Voss
Bowman and Alaina Webb
Joyce Wichelt
Phil and Nancy Wilson
Terry and Marilee Zalewski