Klub memberships

Klub members keep the traditions of Oktoberfest strong at the fest grounds and in the community. Purchase a Group VIP Package and you’ll be Das Beste and you’ll enjoy the premiums and benefits of being part of the Klub.

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Group VIP Package for 6

  • Recognition on the website as a Klub member
  • Access to VIP entrance lanes
  • Access to VIP restrooms
  • 6 Oktoberfest VIP wristbands with 6 beverage credits each
  • 6 2024 Oktoberfest souvenir buttons
  • 1 Oktoberfest collector stein

Group VIP Package for 4

  • Recognition on the website as a Klub member
  • Access to VIP entrance lanes
  • Access to VIP restrooms
  • 4 Oktoberfest VIP wristbands with 6 beverage credits each
  • 4 2024 Oktoberfest souvenir buttons
  • 1 Oktoberfest crock/mug

Danke to our 2023 Klub Members!

Wunderbar Klub Members

Abts Family
Andy and Christy Patton
Anna Rehbein & Keaton Collas
Ariel Ferdock & Crew
Belching Birds
Best of the Beans
Brian and Kim Jackson
Brian’s 50th birthday celebration
Brown Family, Herdt Family
Carol Taebel Family
Christopher & Stacie Stauffer
Colin Drahos or Tyra Bandt
Congdon Family
Dan & Lynn Gundlach
Dustin Hundt
Gary & Theresa Rudy
Gary Brinkman and family
Gordon Lightfoot
Gorman Eiynck Benoit
Gribble/Olson Families
Happy Birthday Brian!
Heather Santi
Helgerson/ Wehling Group
Jeff and Patti Lokken
Jorgenson-Knourek-Barrett Family
Kris, Lynn & Gang
Lange Gang
Lisa Kind
LuAnn Marti
Margaret & Craig Hanson
Margaret Bulk
Marvin & Maxine Lemke
Matt & Anne Pronschinske
Melissa Hundt
Mike and Sue Weidemann
Nathan and Abby Kemp
Neil Duresky & Candyce Del Bello
Original Oktoberfesters
Patti & Mike Berra
Pete Schneider
Peterslie Family
PK20/21 Shawn and PK14 Ron
Prescott Pussycats
Randy Van Rooyen
Rick & Susie
Rosie Nelson
Sam Meyers
Sandra McCormick
Scott and Sue Horne
Scott Neumeister
Stephan/Carey Family
Steve & Katie Webster
Sue & Marc Schultz
Terry and Shelly Cowgill
The Lemberger family
The Pink Flamingos of De Pere
The Snyder Family
The Waltz Family
Theresa Held
Thomas and Denise Smith
Tom & Judy Sleik
Tom Pahs
Wuensch Family

Edelweiss Klub Members

2018 Royal Family
2019-20 Royal Family
Alex, Becky & Claire Lueck
Barb and Joe Kruse
Berns Girls
Bill & Kay Leonard
Bob, Kit, Chance, Sara
Brad and Gail Quarberg
Brew Master
Brian and Karen Rude
Bruce and Margie Bartschenfeld
Chris & Beth Weiss
Chuck and LuAnn Roth
Dan and Anne Radtke
Dana Buttke
Derek Nordeen
Die Bruderschaft des Bierkonsums
Edmondson/Wannamaker Family
Eileen, Dora, Steve, & Kurt!
Elster Family
Foor-Gillman 2023
Gail Cleary
Grace’s grandkids
Grulklindstorf Family
Handrick Family
Howie Weinfurter and Family
JD’s Dadchelor Party
Jerry & Nan Kember
Jon & Sandy Reynolds
Jorgenson Family
Joyce Wichelt
Julie and Terry Bartels
Kaphingst Krew
Katie and Erik Leaver
Keith and Amy Ryan
Kevin & Madalene Buelow
Kimberly and Douglas Kratt
Lauren, Jeff, Tracey, Kathy
Lium and Christenson Family
Marty and Jane Frank
Mike & Flo Aliesch
Mike & Joan Weissenberger
Mom’s club – FTK
Riley Reinhart
Ryan Lind
Sasha Obradovich and Family
Steven & Kathi Blanchard
Taco Flavored Kiesses
Terry Bauer
The Fantastic Office Staff
The Rodriguez Fam
The Stevenson Family
The Yaeger and Shaw Families
Thompson Nelson North Carolinians
Thurston/Husby family
Tom & Marilyn Tiggelaar
Tony Garaffa
Vince and Amy Stodola