Parade Marshal Nomination

  • Oktoberfest Parade Marshal Nomination

    La Crosse Festivals Inc. (d/b/a Oktoberfest USA) accepts nominations for Parade Marshals through February for the current calendar year.

    If you know an individual who is deserving, involved, and would be a great fit in our community-focused organization, submit your nomination!

    Your nominee should be a person who:
    • has contributed positively to the good of the community through leadership and outstanding accomplishments
    • is someone of good character that is well-respected
    • is a resident for at least 10 years within 20-mile radius of La Crosse
    • is actively involved and well-known in La Crosse community
    • is well-known, well-liked, friendly and outgoing • has the time to devote to Oktoberfest activities!

    All entries must be received no later than the third Monday of March, annually. to be considered for the current year. The final selection is made by Parade Marshal Committee. The new Parade Marshals are announced at the Kick-Off Party in September each year.

    Eligible nominations shall remain active for three years from the date of the original nomination.