The Grenadier Corps

What’s an Oktoberfest Grenadier?

Couples who love to promote and celebrate Oktoberfest USA and La Crosse area all year long by attending events, parades, and volunteering in our community.

Who can be Oktoberfest Grenadiers?

Married couples that can commit 3 years to the organization.

Why is there a commitment and what would I be committing to?

We require a commitment because we invest in training you on all things Oktoberfest – from E-I-E-I-O to who is Gambi and why we carry him around. There are many couples who extend their commitment longer than 3 years, but we know it takes at least 3 years to have enough time to experience all there is to offer.

A “full-time” grenadier couple attends monthly meetings, participates in at least 9 parades per year, and is present at events during the annual Oktoberfest festival.

Why join?

  1. Give back to the community by promoting our incredible festival and beautiful city. Plus it’s nearly impossible to be sad while doing the polka!
  2. A regular commitment to get out of the house, explore small town gems, make new friends you may have never met before, and have fun as a couple!
  3. Learn some of the best dance moves that impresses every city we visit.
  4. Opportunities to volunteer at local events.
  5. Make memories that last a lifetime with people who were once strangers but quickly became family.

Submit your interest

If you are interested in learning more about being involved in the Grenadier Corp. submit a form of interest and we will be in contact with you to provide additional information and answer any questions you have. Please note that most of the fields are required. We respect your privacy and the information will be used for internal purposes only.

Click here to submit your interest

You may also email your completed form to [email protected] or drop it in the mail to: Oktoberfest, USA, PO Box 1716, La Crosse, WI 54602-1716.

Please call the La Crosse Oktoberfest office at (608) 784-3378 with any questions.

Former Grenadier Generals

The following couples have served as leaders of the Grenadier Corps.

YearGrenadier Generals
2023Bill & Dani Baxter
2022Chris & Susan Hoghaug
2021Chad & Angi Tamke
2020Justin & Katie Drury
2019Justin & Katie Drury
2018Adam & Stephanie Stevens
2017Jeff & Terri Hankey
2016Travis & Mandi Horstman
2015Jeff & Amanda Jackson
2014Nick & Katie Bjerke
2013Dan & Robyn Johnson
2012Wayde & Melissa Pollock
2011Tom & Marilyn Tiggelaar
2010Peter & Diann Pichotta
2009Matt & Sheila Bachmann
2008Terry & Marilee Zalewski
2007Dan & Lynn Gundlach
2006Ron & Nita Wagner
2005Tim & Kathy Moore
2004John & Leanne Stokes
2003Bill & Jackie Pritchard
2002Scott & Amy Gleason
2001Dave & Laura Wagner
2000Reggie & Becky Bicha
1999Tom & Tami Baeier
1998Jeff & Amy Wrobel
1997Mark & Mary Erickson
1996Paul & Barb Carlson
1995Ardie & Susie Schock
1994Ardie & Susie Schock
1993`Ron & Donna Mae Phillips
1992Mike & Robyn Tanke
1991Bill & Karen Bush
1990Chuck & Judy Smith; Jim & Mary Tracy
1989Jim & Rosie Nelson
1988Rod & Jackie Ostrem
1987Ken & Mary Lou Balts
1986Art & Shelley Fahey
1985John & Lynn McConaughey
1984John & Lynn McConaughey
1983Chuck & Ardeen Olson
1982Tom & Pat Pahs
1981Morgan & Ruth Jostad
1980Terry & Connie Christopherson
1979Bill & Jan Larkin
1978Bill & Jan Larkin
1977Bert & Wanda Nelson
1976Bill & Carol Bloom
1975Larry & Donna Lee
1974Wally & Betty Stoll
1973Mike & Sue Core
1972Mike & Sue Core
1971Jack & MJ Custer