Your 2019 Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest

Jordenne Butler was crowned Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest 2019 at the pageant held on Saturday, September 14 at Viterbo. 

photo credit: mandi horstman

The Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Scholarship Program is an official preliminary to Miss Wisconsin and Miss America Organizations. Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest serves as an ambassador for the La Crosse community as a part of the Oktoberfest Royal Family. She also performs countless hours of volunteer work promoting her personal platform and the national platform of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and competes for the honor of serving as Miss Wisconsin.

Every year the Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Scholarship Program awards over $16,000 in cash or in-kind scholarships as well as many gifts to the contestants in our program. This is an organization focused on community service, heritage, and empowering young women to achieve their personal, academic and professional goals.

If you would like to donate a scholarship, sponsor a contestant, or become a contestant please contact [email protected]

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Former Titleholders

Year of ReignMiss La Crosse/Oktoberfest
2018Elle Mark
2017Madeline Kumm
2016Mattie Mae Krause
2015Zoe Roou
2014Audra Fuchsel
2013Christa Brehm
2012Tianna Vanderhei
2011Kate Gorman (Miss Wisconsin 2012)
Ellen Poeschel
2010Elizabeth Kramer
2009Raeanna Johnson (Miss Wisconsin 2011, Miss Wisconsin 2014)
2008Katie Ekern
2007Mandy Nogle
2006Kristina Smaby (Miss Wisconsin 2009)
2005Beth Bruzek
2004Maggie Lee
2003Katie Mumaw
2002Mandy Kupietz
2001Abby Ryan
2000Erin Schockmel
1999Alyssa Bruemmer
1998Kristina Kruse
1997Polly Steffes
1996Misty Averill
1995Abigail Meisch
1994Gwen Overhouse
1993Samara McAllister
1992Dawn Holmes (September - December)
Kam-Lin Kaio (January - September)
1991Jodi Bakken
1990Heather Horton
1989Patti Hunt
1988Liz McConahay
1987Stephanie Strever
1986Annette Huppert
1985Kim Torgerud
1984Rhonda Bentley
1983Barb Mullallly (Miss Wisconsin)
Brenda Holthaus
1982Karen Schreier
1981Gail Soller (Miss Wisconsin)
Theresa Olson
1980Amy Schatzke
1979Jill Glendenning
1978Mary Nelson
1977Wendy Jo Abell*
1976Sue Ofstedahl
1975Debby Nerby
1974Jackie French
1973Sandra Marx
1972Linda Deitte
1971Kathy Kennedy
1970Rita Deniger
1969Marie Beaman
1968Kristie Gates
1967Marilyn Brahmsteadt (Miss Wisconsin)
Fran Noyce
1966Kathy Hickey
1965Pat Krueger
1964Nancy Zinn
1963Mary Kay Knudson*
1962Marilyn Otto
1961Marlene Schultz
Diane Morgan
*Fondly Remembered

Become a Contestant


You must be a young woman 17-24 years old who lives, works, or goes to school full-time in La Crosse for at least 6 months prior to the competition. You must also never have been married or pregnant, and be of good moral character.  

Phases of Competition

Personal Interview (25%)
Expression in Talent (35%)
Lifestyle & Fitness in Swimsuit (15%)
Evening Wear (20%)
On-stage Question (5%)
(The percentage represents how each area counts toward the total score.)
Final Ballot


Should you be selected Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest you will serve as an ambassador for La Crosse and Oktoberfest. You will travel to surrounding cities and festivals throughout the year and go on to compete at Miss Wisconsin in June. You will also volunteer throughout the year promoting your personal platform. It is a year-long commitment.


Every contestant is given a score between one and ten immediately after she competes in each area by a panel of qualified judges. Each young woman competes against a judging standard where a 10 is Miss America; comparisons are not made between contestants.


If you are interested in running; the first step is to contact [email protected].

Rehearsals for the Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Program begin the last week of July and are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9pm. One week prior to the show we will rehearse from 7-10pm every night. The cutoff time for accepting prospective contestants will be the first week in August.
During rehearsals every contestant develops a platform, prepares her 90 second talent, practices production numbers, and prepares for interview with the assistance of our committee. Oktoberfest owns several articles of clothing which contestants may borrow for the competition.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

The national platform for the Miss America Organization is the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. During her year Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest will volunteer for CMNH. Every contestant who competes for Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest will raise $100 for CMNH.

Scholarships & Gifts

The Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Scholarship Program awards thousands of dollars in scholarships and gifts each year. Participating in the Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Scholarship Program not only helps candidates pay for college and prepare for a career, it also provides an opportunity to gain additional life experience working on issues of importance to society, enhancing your personal and professional skills, and developing your performance-related talents.

A heartfelt thank you to all of the businesses and individuals who generously donated to our program!

Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Scholarships

  • $4,000 Viterbo University Scholarship ($1000 per year based on enrollment)
  • $1,500 University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Foundation Scholarship (split between winner and 1st runner-up based on enrollment)
  • $500 Western Technical College Scholarship (highest scoring contestant based on enrollment)
  • $1,500 La Crosse Festivals Inc. Scholarship
  • $500 La Crosse County Tavern League Scholarship
  • $500 Cleary-Kumm Foundation Scholarship
  • $500 Past Festmasters’ Scholarship
  • $250 New Jersey Fund Scholarship

Awards & Gifts

La Crosse Festivals, Inc. Awards

  • Miss America Local Crown
  • Miss America Local Sash
  • Miss America Crown Pin
  • Wardrobe Allowance
  • One week at the Miss Wisconsin Scholarship Pageant
  • Trip to St. Paul Winter Carnival
  • Trip to Festival du Voyageur in Winnipeg, Canada
  • Trip to Minneapolis Aquatennial
  • Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Stationary and Buttons
  • Authentic German Dirndl

Additional Gifts

  • Pageant Photography Package donated by Design Photography
  • 20×24 Official Portrait donated by Design Photography
  • One Year Unlimited Salon Package donated by Deb Carpenter of Salon de Bör
  • Teeth Whitening Package donated by Cowgill Dental
  • Pearl Earrings donated by Designing Jewelers
  • Diamond Earrings donated by Howes Diamond Jewelers
  • Evening Gown donated by The Wedding Tree
  • Evening Gown and accessories donated by Charlotte’s Bridal
  • One Year Fitness Membership donated by Premier Fitness
  • One Year Bronze Level Tanning Package donated by Body & Sol
  • Limited Edition Sterling Silver 2018 Oktoberfest Pendant donated by Satori Arts
  • One Year Subscription to the La Crosse Tribune donated by The La Crosse Tribune
  • Rose Bouquet donated by La Crosse Floral
  • One pound of chocolates from The Pearl
  • A monthly service of choice from La Bella Nails and Spa

Runner-Up Scholarships and Gifts

First Runner-Up

  • $2,000 Viterbo University Scholarship ($500 per year based on enrollment)
  • $385 La Crosse Festivals, Inc. Scholarship
  • $150 Gemutlichkeit Scholarship
  • $100 La Crosse Tribune Jeans Day Scholarship
  • 3 Month Fitness Membership donated by the La Crosse Area YMCA

Second Runner-Up

  • $235 La Crosse Festivals Inc. Scholarship
  • $200 Alan Metcalfe Scholarship
  • $100 La Crosse Tribune Jeans Day Scholarship

Third Runner-Up

  • $235 La Crosse Festivals, Inc. Scholarship
  • $100 Alan Metcalfe Scholarship
  • $100 La Crosse Tribune Jeans Day Scholarship

Fourth Runner-Up

  • $120 Gemutlichkeit Scholarship
  • $210 La Crosse Festivals Inc. Scholarship

Non-Finalists (each)

  • $205 La Crosse Festivals Inc. Scholarship
  • $70 Gemutlichkeit Scholarship

All Contestants Will Receive:

  • 2018 Oktoberfest Mug donated by La Crosse Festivals, Inc.
  • Pad folio and Tote donated by Gundersen Health System
  • Flowers donated by La Crosse Floral
  • Oktoberfest Sweatshirt donated by The Monogram Company
  • Salon Package donated by Deb Carpenter of Salon de Bör
  • Oktoberfest T-Shirt donated by Cheddarheads

Special Awards:

$500 Celebration of Heritage Scholarship
Donated by Mary Lehrman in honor of her parents

$150 Highest Interview Score Award
Donated by Amy Ryan, Lisa Horman and Mandy Nogle

$150 Highest Talent Score Award
Donated by Rich and Kay Petry

$350 Living for Liz Scholarship
Donated by the Gorman/Melde family and friends in honor of Elizabeth Melde

$100 Miracle Maker Award
Awarded to the contestant with the highest fundraising total for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals
Donated by the New Jersey Scholarship Fund

$100 Lorraine Gay Memorial Academic Scholarship
Donated by Mike and Florence Aliesch

$100 Sally Stinson Community Service Award
Donated by Phil and Julie Addis

$100 Spirit of Miss America Scholarship (Voted on by the contestants)
Donated by Pete and Sally Stinson

$100 Miss Congeniality Pat Pahs Memorial Award (Voted on by the contestants)
Donated by Tom Pahs

$100 Good Luck Ad Award — Valley View Mall Gift Certificate
Donated by La Crosse Festivals Inc.

$100 Highest Ticket Sales Award – Gemutlichkeit Scholarship

$100 Non-Finalist Interview Award
Donated by the Grenadier Corps

$100 Non-Finalist Talent Award
Donated by the Grenadier Corps

Scholarships, awards and gifts listed above are subject to change. Some awards may not be presented each year. Please contact pageant organizers for details.