2022 Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest – Zoe de Boer

Photo of 2022 Miss La Crosse Oktoberfe

The Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest Scholarship Program is an official preliminary to both the Miss Wisconsin and Miss America Organizations. Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest serves as an ambassador for the La Crosse community as a part of the Oktoberfest Royal Family. She also performs countless hours of volunteer work promoting her personal platform, the national platform of Children Miracle Network Hospitals, and competes for the honor of serving as Miss Wisconsin. This is an organization focused on community service, heritage, and empowering young women to achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals.

The Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest Scholarship Program awards thousands of dollars in cash and in-kind scholarships plus many gifts and benefits every year. Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest also travels to many festivals and appearances each year with the Oktoberfest Royal Family.

Please follow Zoe’s journey on the Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest Scholarship Program page on Facebook for news and updates.


In order to be eligible to become Miss La Crosse Oktoberfest, you must:

  • be a young woman between the ages of 17 – 25
  • be 18 years of age by July 31st of Miss Wisconsin competition and no older than 25 by December 31st of Miss America competition
  • be a high school graduate at the time of the Miss Wisconsin competition
  • live, work, or go to school in La Crosse County
  • never have been married or pregnant

All interested candidates should email [email protected] for more information.

Former Titleholders

Year of ReignMiss La Crosse/Oktoberfest
2021Maddie Adickes
2019-2020Jordenne Butler
2018Elle Mark
2017Madeline Kumm
2016Mattie Mae Krause
2015Zoe Roou
2014Audra Fuchsel
2013Christa Brehm
2012Tianna Vanderhei (Miss Wisconsin 2018)
2011Kate Gorman (Miss Wisconsin 2012)
Ellen Poeschel
2010Elizabeth Kramer
2009Raeanna Johnson (Miss Wisconsin 2011, Miss Wisconsin 2014)
2008Katie Ekern
2007Mandy Nogle
2006Kristina Smaby (Miss Wisconsin 2009)
2005Beth Bruzek
2004Maggie Lee
2003Katie Mumaw
2002Mandy Kupietz
2001Abby Ryan
2000Erin Schockmel
1999Alyssa Bruemmer
1998Kristina Kruse
1997Polly Steffes
1996Misty Averill
1995Abigail Meisch
1994Gwen Overhouse
1993Samara McAllister
1992Dawn Holmes (September - December)
Kam-Lin Kaio (January - September)
1991Jodi Bakken
1990Heather Horton
1989Patti Hunt
1988Liz McConahay
1987Stephanie Strever
1986Annette Huppert
1985Kim Torgerud
1984Rhonda Bentley
1983Barb Mullallly (Miss Wisconsin)
Brenda Holthaus
1982Karen Schreier
1981Gail Soller (Miss Wisconsin)
Theresa Olson
1980Amy Schatzke
1979Jill Glendenning
1978Mary Nelson
1977Wendy Jo Abell*
1976Sue Ofstedahl
1975Debby Nerby
1974Jackie French
1973Sandra Marx
1972Linda Deitte
1971Kathy Kennedy
1970Rita Deniger
1969Marie Beaman
1968Kristie Gates
1967Marilyn Brahmsteadt (Miss Wisconsin)
Fran Noyce
1966Kathy Hickey
1965Pat Krueger
1964Nancy Zinn
1963Mary Kay Knudson*
1962Marilyn Otto
1961Marlene Schultz
Diane Morgan
*Fondly Remembered