2021 Festmaster & Frau – Tom & Marilyn Tiggelaar

This Midwest boy was born in South Dakota and grew up in South Dakota, western Minnesota, North Dakota, and southern Minnesota. Ultimately, western MN graduating from Waterville-Elysian High School in the mid 70’s. He attended the University of St Thomas in St Paul and while working a summer job at EF Johnson in Waseca, MN met and became enchanted with his Frau. They married 2 years later after she graduated from New Ulm School of Nursing and he finished his undergraduate degree.

They spent their first couple of years of marriage in St Paul and later moved to Little Falls, MN where he worked for the Franciscan Sisters Healthcare Corp. In those years they had 3 boys. He spent his career in the healthcare field working in the finance world. They arrived in the La Crosse area in 2002 after living 13 years in Mankato, MN. Tom grew to love Oktoberfest and all German traditions because he spent a lot of time courting his New Ulm Frau. It was in New Ulm he learned to polka and waltz to the oom pah pah music. This year’s Festmaster and frau are Oktoberfest Grenadier alumni and past Grenadier Generals to the most difficult Festmaster ever!

Their pre-La Crosse lives revolved around their children – coaching basketball, baseball, church activities, and serving as den leaders, cubmaster, and assistant scoutmaster for the Mankato Boy Scouts. Tom is on the boards for Catholic Charities and Gateway Area Boy Scouts. They both have served in United Way activities in both Mankato and La Crosse. Tom’s love of basketball brought him to be certified as a referee and has served the Mankato and La Crosse area for 23 years. He still enjoys playing basketball with the old guys at Viterbo gym. They love spending time on the rivers around La Crosse either paddling or tooning with their family and friends.

Their boys and Daughter in Law live in the La Crosse area. They are blessed with 5 beautiful grandchildren.

Former Festmasters and Fraus

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1972-1973Walt HammondSally*
1971-1972Joe Rohrer*Evelyn*
1970-1971Cully Prinz*Dorothy "Stubby"
1969-1970Hans Zoreb*Belle*
1968-1969John Thomas*Gretchen*
1967-1968Jack MartinElsie "Tiny" *
1966-1967Lincoln Neprud*Laura*
1965-1966John Coleman*Adelheid*
1964-1965Roy Kumm*Hope*
1963-1964Ray Ping*Mildred*
1962-1963Don Rice*Lorraine*
* Fondly remembered

Who will represent La Crosse as the 2022 Festmaster?

The selection of the Festmaster is one of the oldest and most cherished Fest traditions. The selection process and naming of the new Festmaster is very secret and the mystery only adds to the fun!

The Festmaster heads the Oktoberfest Royal Family and is chosen annually by the Board of Trustees. Once selected, the Board of Trustees Chairman, along with the past year’s Festmaster, mentors the new Festmaster, bringing him up to speed on his duties, expectations, and appearances.

The new Festmaster & Frau are announced at the Festmaster’s Ball, held yearly in September.

Nominations for the 2022 Festmaster are now being accepted and will close on December 28, 2021!

If you know a man who is deserving, involved, and would be a great fit in our community-focused organization, submit your nomination below!

Nominations will be accepted for a man who is…

  • married
  • age 50 or older
  • a resident for at least 10 years within 20 mile radius of La Crosse
  • actively involved and well-known in the La Crosse community
  • has the time to devote to Oktoberfest activities!

The following information is required to complete the nomination:

  • Name of the nominee
  • Nominee’s address & contact information
  • Nominee’s biographical information – this would include such information as occupation, community or volunteer service, church involvement, professional activities, community or professional awards
  • Nominator’s name and personal comments as to why they have submitted nominee’s name

The final selection is made by the Board of Trustees however all nominations are kept on file for three years from the date of submission.

Click here to nominate your pick for 2022 Festmaster.