2019 Maple Leaf Parade Marshal – Joe Heim

This year’s Maple Leaf Parade Marshal was born and raised in Milwaukee and, except for 2 years of active duty military service, has lived in Wisconsin all his life.

His parents, both of German ancestry, lived in Madison until they moved to Milwaukee in the mid 1930’s.

He and his only sister were born in the early 1940’s at the beginning of WWII.

He graduated from Marquette University High School and Marquette University before entering the US Navy in 1964, serving on a ship that included Vietnam service as part of his tour of active duty.

Following active duty, he became a member of the US Naval Reserve, attending meetings in Milwaukee, Madison and

La Crosse and also became the commanding officer of Naval Reserve Security Group units.

He moved to La Crosse in 1968 and taught for three years; then left for Milwaukee to complete graduate studies.  During this period, he found the time to meet, woo and wed his wife, also a Milwaukee native and law school graduate.  They returned to La Crosse in 1975, and have been happily married for 47 years.

Following the Navy’s theme of “Join the Navy and see the world”, he and his wife travel extensively. Friends usually start a conversation by asking “Where’s your next trip?”

I can assure our new Maple Leaf Parade Marshal and his Frau that his extensive travel is far from over as they join the adventures of the 2019 Royal Family contingent.

His wife’s father, Art, worked for Schlitz brewery all his life and taught them both how to pour a proper draft beer.  He continues to use this beer- pouring skill extensively.

He is best known for his involvement in area governments and politics.  He has been active in the political scene by conducting political opinion polls for WKBT and the La Crosse Tribune and giving occasional speeches to various civic groups.  He is a frequent political commentator/pundit for WKBT, WIZM, and Wisconsin Public Radio.

His civic activities are very numerous and have included being a member of the boards of the American Red Cross, the Chileda Institute, Riverfront, RSVP, LeaderEthics-Wisconsin  and the UW La Crosse Foundation.  He was honored to be appointed to state boards by both Governor James Doyle and Shirley Abrahamson, former chief justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

He is very proud to be a co – founder of an organization called Coulee Region Collaboration, which morphed into United Coulee Region, and is now called the 7 Rivers Alliance.  He is also an active member of the La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce.

Among his vices are a love for beer, cooking, and never being on time for almost anything.  His wife claims that he will be late for his own funeral.

His earliest memories of Oktoberfest are in 1968, heading down “to the tents” for one or two ……or three cool ones.

He and his wife-Pat- are both recently retired, he from teaching; Pat from the practice of law.

He was truly shocked and honored by being nominated, much less selected, to be the Maple Leaf Parade Marshal for 2019.

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