2021 Maple Leaf Parade Marshal – Samantha Strong

Former Maple Leaf Parade Marshals

YearMaple Leaf Parade Marshal
2019-2020Joe Heim
2018Neil Duresky
2017Gary Rudy
2016Brad Quarberg
2015Chuck Moore
2014Mike Desmond
2013Jean Thompson
2012Ed Biddick
2011Jim McGettigan
2010Ardie Schock*
2009Tom Thibodeau
2008George Smith
2007Dave Clements
2006John Stokes
2005Tom Pahs
2004Max Kottmer*
2003Marty Severson
2002Mike Kearns
2001Roger Harring
2000Elmer Grassman
1999Dolly Ozburn
1998Al Townsend
1997Pat Moore
1996Terry Peterslie
1995Bill Hoel
1994Bob Marck*
1993Dick Hackett
1992Edgar Kroner
1991Bob Wilhelm*
1990Lyle Anderson*
1989John Flanagan*
1988Noel Richards
1987Bob Soules*
1986Jim Jacobson*
1985Raymond Bice*
1984Russ Cleary*
1983Phil Quillin*
1982David Nudd*
1981John Alexander*
1980L. Peter Groves
1979Gordon Feinberg*
1978Dale Rudy
1977Paul "Pip" Wuest*
1976Jean Gitz Bassett
1975Fred Kramer*
1974Charlie Kearns*
1973Alma Burns Zahn*
1972Fred Abraham*
1971Ed Quillin*
1970Palmer Hanson*
1969Kootch Carroll*
1968Paul Kreutz*
1967Babe Weigent*
1966Jim Conway
1965Marge Lienlokken*
1964Frank Italiano*
1963Jack Martin*
1962Joan Engh
1961Esther Domke*
* Fondly Remembered

Parade Marshal Nomination

Know Someone that should “Lead the Way?” Nominate a Parade Marshal today using the Parade Marshal nomination form!

Submit your nomination for a 2020 Parade Marshal by completing the online form linked below.

Your nominee should be a person who:

  • has contributed positively to the good of the community through leadership and outstanding accomplishments
  • is someone of good character that is well-respected
  • is a resident for at least 10 years within 20-mile radius of La Crosse
  • is actively involved and well-known in La Crosse community
  • is well-known, well-liked, friendly and outgoing
  • has the time to devote to Oktoberfest activities!

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