Tickets & Wristbands

Do I need a wristband?

Yes, all attendees 13 and over will need a valid wristband to enter the Fest Grounds Thursday 9/26 – Saturday 9/28 (free admission on Sunday 9/29 only). Purchase tickets online to have your wristbands shipped directly to you or purchase them at the Fest Grounds Office starting 7/29. Your wristband can be used for all purchases once you enter the festival. To avoid long lines at the gate, we highly recommend you order online by 9/12 to have your wristband shipped to you before the festival or to visit us at the Oktoberfest Grounds Office prior to Fest.  

Oktoberfest wristbands are not needed for the carnival. Carnival wristbands and tickets are purchased directly from the Carnival.  

Is there a difference between tickets and wristbands?

No. When you place an order for “tickets” on our website, you will receive physical wristbands that allow you entry into the festival. 

If you ordered online, your emailed confirmation is NOT your ticket into the event. 

When will I receive my wristbands?

Orders placed online will be shipped directly to the provided address. Wristbands will start to ship September 6. The delivery will come from USPS and you’ll receive a notification in your email when they are shipped. 

Once I get my wristband, can I try it on?

DO NOT put your wristband on prior to attending the festival. Once the wristband is tightened, it cannot be loosened.  

Can I get my wristband wet?

Yes, they are designed to handle water.

What do I do if I lost or cut off my wristband?

If you lose or damage your wristband, visit the Festival Box Office. There is a $10 fee for a replaced wristband with proof of the damaged wristband. The festival is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged wristbands. 

What does “registering” my wristband do and how do I do it?

Registering your wristband allows you to attach your name, email and payment information (for food/drink/merch on site) to your account.  This allows us to verify your purchase and fix any issues you might have on site.  

While registering is not mandatory, it is necessary if you want to use your wristband to make payments at the event. 

Once you receive your wristband, you will receive registration instructions. 

Do I need to register with a WRSTBND account if I am not going to use my wristband for payment?

No. Your wristband is automatically activated for admission access. Register your WRSTBND account in advance for the fastest and most convenient payment experience. 

I ordered my wristbands a long time ago and haven’t received them yet. What do I do?

Wristbands will start shipping on September 6th.  When your ticket order is shipped, you will receive an email notification from [email protected] on the email that you bought tickets with. Check your spam in case it got caught there. 

Please be patient while all orders get fulfilled.  If you have not received your wristbands by September 19th, please email [email protected]

If your wristbands have not arrived before the festival, please come to the Oktoberfest office on-site to get issued new wristbands (and have the old ones de-activated).

Does my wristband get me into the Tapping of the Golden Keg?

YesYour Fest admission wristband gets you into ALL activities/events on the Fest Grounds with the exception of Craft Beer Night if you did not specifically purchase a Craft Beer Night package.  

Do I still get a souvenir button with my ticket/wristband?

While buttons alone do not grant admission, all admission tickets include a button. Redeem at the Oktoberfest Office windows.

Can I get tickets at the gate?

Yes. General admission wristbands will be available for $20 at the gate during Fest.  

Sunday 9/29 admission is free! No wristbands will be required for entrance on Sunday 9/29 only.

Are there single day tickets?

No. All of our admission packages include access for the entire festival. Free admission on Sunday 9/29 only.

Can I get a refund?

All ticket sales are final.  

Do children need tickets?

Anyone 13 and over needs a wristband to enter the Fest Grounds. All those under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or adult.  

Food & Beverages

Which beverages are available for purchase?

Water, Pepsi products, and various N/A beverages are available through the food vendors. Our 2024 beer list will be announced in September.

How much is beer?

2024 pricing and beer list coming soon!

Can I bring food or beverages?

No, food and beverage carry-ins are not allowed.  

Will the vendors accept cash?

No, all payments made will either be with your wristband or a physical credit/debit card. If you’d like to load cash to your wristband, visit the Oktoberfest Office. There will be no refunds of cash so please keep that in mind when loading cash to your wristband.


Who can attend the Oktoberfest grounds?

There is no age restriction for the festival, but those under 18 should be accompanied by a parent or adult. The Altra Federal Credit Union Main Tent is the only area that is 21+.  

Can I exit and re-enter?

Yes, as long as you have not removed your wristband. If you removed your wristband, you would need to purchase a new one to enter Thursday 9/26-Saturday 9/28. 

Free admission on Sunday 9/29 so a wristband is not required to enter on Sunday only.  

Are pets allowed?

There are no pets allowed on grounds, aside from service animals.  

Can I still use cash?

You can load cash onto your wristband to make payments. Visit the cash window at the Oktoberfest Office window for assistance. There will be no refunds of unused cash, so please keep this in mind when loading cash onto your wristband. 

Which payment methods will be accepted?

Register your wristband prior to the event and link your debit or credit card to use your wristband to make quick and convenient payments. You may also present your physical debit or credit card to make payment or load your wristband with cash at the Oktoberfest Office.

Is there parking?

There is no public parking available at the Fest Grounds. Check out our shuttle schedule or information on downtown parking here: Parking – Downtown Mainstreet

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking and vaping are not allowed on the Fest Grounds.  

What is the bag policy?

Bags must be clear if they are larger than 5.5″x8.5″ and will be searched upon entry. Exceptions will be made for necessary medical equipment and bags for nursing mothers. 

Which items are not allowed to be brought in?

Prohibited Items: Large bags (Bags must be clear if they are larger than 5.5″x8.5″), backpacks, fireworks, weapons of any kind, coolers, food and beverages, professional recording devices and cameras, glass of any kind, chains, skateboards, scooters, bicycles. Pets and emotional support animals are also prohibited. Per Wisconsin law, an emotional support animal is defined as an animal that is not trained to do work or perform tasks but provides emotional support, comfort, or companionship for the person with a disability.