Oktoberfest Royal Family

The Oktoberfest Royal Family is named each year and brings a face to our festivities. They are part of a 60-year lineage that embodies the spirit of fest. These folks lead the way during Fest and bring Gemütlichkeit and cheer to the community all year long.

  • 2021 President – Kelly Wilde
  • Maple Leaf Parade Marshal – Samantha Strong
  • Miss Oktoberfest – Maddie Adickes
  • Festmaster & Frau – Tom & Marilyn Tiggelaar
  • Special Fester – Rylee Beahm
  • Mrs. Oktoberfest – Ilene Kernozek
  • Torchlight Parade Marshal – Scott Neumeister
  • Grenadier Generals – Chad & Angi Tamke

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