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The 2016 Oktoberfest Royal Family

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(Left to right) Grenadier Generals Mandi and Travis Horstman, Gail Quarberg and Maple Leaf Parade Marshal Brad Quarberg, Frau Barb Kruse, Festmaster Joe Kruse, Miss La Crosse/Oktoberfest Mattie Mae Krause, Mr. O Mike Weidemann, Mrs. Oktoberfest Sue Weidemann, Torchlight Parade Marshal Louie Ferris, Becky Lueck and Board President Alex Lueck

Not pictured: Special Fester Gunnar Skroch

Festmaster & FrauJoe and Barb Kruse
Miss La Crosse/OktoberfestMattie Mae Krause
Mrs. OktoberfestSue Weidemann (Mike)
Maple Leaf Parade MarshalBrad Quarberg (Gail)
Torchlight Parade MarshalLouie Ferris
Special FesterGunnar Skroch
Grenadier CorpsTravis & Mandi Horstman (Generals)
2015 Board of Directors PresidentAlex Lueck (Becky)