Your 2018 Mrs. Oktoberfest Mary Mickelson

This season’s Mrs. Oktoberfest is new to the royal family, but the lifelong fester marched in the parades for three years while playing flute in the Logan High School band, and her family had a front-row seat for the Maple Leaf Parade.

Mary Mickelson, revealed during the Mrs. Oktoberfest reception Wednesday evening, is the final member of the royal family to be announced for the Thursday-Sunday festival.

“It’s very humbling, and overwhelming and exciting,” said Mickelson, who was introduced along with husband Randy, who will escort her as Mr. Oktoberfest for parades and other events near and far as Coulee Region ambassadors.

After a lifetime of growing up in and around Oktoberfests, the 56-year-old corporate travel agent for Travel Leaders said: “It is so cool, when I think of being picked out of so many others” who could have been nominated and selected.

Asked what she is looking forward to most as the reigning Mrs. Oktoberfest, Mickelson replied in an interview, “The parades. I would be lying if I didn’t say the parades. But afterward, I’m sure it also will be meeting all of the people.”

Her exalted seat on the Mrs. Oktoberfest float in the Torchlight Parade on Thursday night and the Maple Leaf Parade on Saturday will give her the perk of seeing the tens of thousands of people along the routes, but it’s hard to beat the viewing spot she had as a young girl.

Her parents, Bob and Adeline Clement, owned and operated Elfman Marine, which was on the Copeland Avenue portion of the parade route, roughly where the Great Harvest Bread Co. and Candlewood Suites are now. They were able to turn the lot of the boat dealership and service center into a venue for a family affair with relatives and friends, said Mickelson, who grew up on French Island and now lives in Stoddard.

Mary started college at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, intending to major in a recreational field.

“I lived outdoors growing up,” she said, so the major seemed logical to her and fit with her goal to get a job connected to outdoor activities.

Mary’s volunteer endeavors over the years have included outdoors and recreational elements, such as Riverland Girl Scouts, the Central Booster Club and Shelby Sports, in addition to Mobile Meals of LaCrosse, the La Crosse Community Foundation, Great Rivers United Way, the American Cancer Society, Come for Supper, the YWCA and the La Crosse School District.

Her career goal shifted when she was working in customer service at a bank and waited on a travel agent who came in to buy travelers checks. They began chatting, and Mary decided, “That is a job I’d like to do.”

When she dropped out of UW-L to attend McConnell Travel School, she said, “My parents were not happy. Dad was livid. But it turned out to be a good career choice for me.”

Mary and Randy, who have three adult daughters — Kathryn, Hannah and Rachel — had the happily coincident experience of starting their jobs on the same day, July 18, 1988. She began at Travel Leaders and he, at what now is Gundersen Health System, where he is a physician’s assistant.

They have hosted international exchange students from Germany, and Hannah studied in Germany for nearly a year.

Mary expressed gratitude that her career switch also opened the world to her.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my travels, and I’ve been to five continents. I just got back from two weeks in the Baltics,” she said.

Asked her favorite travel destination, the longtime member of Downtown Rotary said she would select them by areas — in the Caribbean, Aruba; among continents, Europe.

“But my all-time favorite is fishing with my husband in Canada. I love fishing, and I love the water,” she said, voicing the sentiment of the daughter of a boat salesman. “I probably could swim before I could walk.”

Former Mrs. Oktoberfests

YearMrs. OktoberfestMr. O
1968Joyce LindsethLarry*
1969Leisel Peterslie*Oscar
1970Carol Bluske*Wayne
1971Betty StollWally
1972Irene Lynch*Edward
1973Jean WesterfieldNorman*
1974Ione JohnsonBob*
1975Leona Amundson*Richard
1976Evelyn PertzschDavid*
1977Bea Zielke*Pat*
1978Marge Tierney*Bill
1979Ruth RebhanCully*
1980Alma Burns Zahn*
1981Ellen HeineckeJim
1982Sandy KapellasTom
1983Jeanne ConnellyMark
1984Olive Lawson*Eric
1985Kay TaylorRollo*
1986Carol TabelDuane*
1987Geri Houlihan*Don
1988Judy BouffleurDave
1989Jean Gitz Bassett
1990Marita SmithGeorge
1991Kathy VehrenkampDave
1992Jan MooreDuane
1993Dorothy Boschert*Hugh
1994Joyce WicheltRay*
1995Patricia BogeJerome
1996Sandra McCormickDick
1997Birgitta Linnert*Peter
1998Mary Patros*
1999Eleanor St. JohnPerry*
2000Jean Marck*Bob*
2001Joanne LitzowDavid
2002Rita SanchezJim*
2003Jane SteingraeberPaul
2004Sharon ImesRoger
2005Rosemarie LinkCharles
2006Earlamae DahlbyJim
2007Sue SchultzMarc
2008Robyn TankeMike
2009Barbara LarsenTerry*
2010Karla StanekJohn
2011Florence AlieschMike
2012Julie BartelsTerry
2013Kenna ChristiansRoger
2014Sue DillenbeckJim (Dilly)
2015Peggy HerlitzkaDoug
2016Sue WeidemannMike
2017Lynn GundlachDan
2018Mary MickelsonRandy
* Fondly Remembered

Who will represent La Crosse as Mrs. Oktoberfest?

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